10 first-date faux pas

Published 4:11 pm Saturday, May 4, 2013

Try these tips before a first date.

Try these tips before a first date.

Have a first date coming up and want to make a good impression?

Consider avoiding these first-date turnoffs given by one man and one woman in Albert Lea:

Amy Bohlen, 21:

1. Texting

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“I feel like they’re not paying attention to me. They’re paying attention to something else.”

2. Being late

“It shows something else is more important that comes before me.”

3. Bad breath or body odor.

“I think that’s self explainable.”

4. Bragging about themselves

“When they’re really into themselves, it shows a lack of self respect.”

5. Talking about their ex

“They’re obviously still not over them.”


Brandon Klukow, 26:

1. If you go out to eat and the girl doesn’t eat anything

“It defeats the purpose of going out to eat. Be a normal person and order a burger or something.”

2. Talking about marriage or having kids

“Save that for at least six months down the road.”

3. Talking about ex relationships

“Instead of learning about the person you’re meeting, you’re learning about the people they’ve already been with.”

4. Talking about drama or gossipy stuff

“You’re talking behind people’s backs. I don’t think guys are as gossipy as girls, and most guys don’t want to listen to it.”

 5. If the girl is acting stuck up

“Even if it’s not necessarily toward you, it’s probably revealing a character flaw right there.”