Editorial: Thumbs

Published 5:40 pm Saturday, May 18, 2013

Editorial: Thumbs

thumbupTo United South Central School District.

Wednesday’s groundbreaking ceremony for the new school building in Wells was a fun and well-attended event. Kudos to organizers for inviting people from all six of the communities that make up the school district, including Wells, Kiester, Bricelyn, Freeborn, Walters and Easton. It was nice to see all the students, teachers and staff attend the event, as well as community members. And extra thanks to the Wells Fire Department for being a part of the impromptu parade of school buses.


thumbdownTo people who don’t watch for motorcyclists.

We know motorcycles and scooters are hard to spot, but please take the time to give the road another glance. Many people choose to ride mopeds and other small motorized vehicles as a way to save gas money, so there are citizens both young and old scooting around town. Please be watchful of all motorists, and make this summer one of Albert Lea’s safest ever.


thumbupTo construction workers.

Construction season is here. Thank you to the construction crew working on the U.S. Highway 65 project for making the one-lane traffic as painless as possible. The project started last week and to avoid any confusion or accidents, a lead car has been making trips back and forth to safely guide drivers through the work zone. Weather permitting the project will continue into mid-June so travelers should either plan a new route or continue to have patience and drive with caution throughout the 9-mile work zone.