Savick doesn’t mind raising taxes

Published 9:50 am Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I applaud our state representative, Shannon Savick, for informing us that she is not in favor of giving herself and the rest of the Legislature a raise during our “economic recovery.” After all, Savick hasn’t even completed her first year in office — so why would she deserve a raise?

Savick feels during this time of “economic recovery” in our state and country that it is inappropriate to consider raising their own pay.

What Savick doesn’t have a problem with is raising your taxes to the tune of $2 billion-plus to increase wasteful spending. Savick and the rest of the DFL Legislature are going on an inappropriate spending spree during this time of “economic recovery.” I thought Savick was going to St. Paul for representation — not politics. It looks to me like her DFL leadership has a different agenda that she supports.

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What is Savick doing to provide a bipartisan budget? Nothing! Let’s focus on the current bills we owe rather than tax every Minnesotan more without decreasing wasteful spending.


Jonathan Murray
Albert Lea