Who voted for George W. Bush?

Published 9:37 am Monday, June 3, 2013

In answer to Gary Altfillish’s letter on May 29, I wish to respond as follows.

You started by saying how amused you were by my comments on Fox News. Words can’t come close to describing how much more I was amused by the way you defended that network. Anyone with common sense who watches Fox News will tell you how they put a spin on anything a Democrat stands for. I had never mentioned anything about ratings, and I will admit Fox is No. 1. Do you have any idea how many people like me who watch it just to get amused? If they were getting their vision out, the Republicans wouldn’t be losing in all the polls. MSNBC must be doing something right to cause this.

I’m sure the way all those Republicans voted on letting criminals purchase firearms without a background checks had something to do with it. I don’t know how anyone can give them a pass on this. It showed that this country is ruled by a republic, not a democracy. If anyone needs an explanation about this I’ll give you one.

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In a democracy the ones in power do what the voters ask them to do. In a republic the ones in power decide how they are going to vote no matter what the voters think. A good example of this is the People’s Republic of China. It isn’t hard to figure out that all those Republicans were bought out by the firearms companies who knew this would cut into their firearms sales if it passes. This kind of information you will never hear on Fox News.

I just read an article about if Ronald Reagan was alive today he would resign from the Republican Party. That Tea Party bunch has absolutely ruined it. I believe I heard Bob Dole just did that. Mr. Altfillish, if you want to argue politics any time you will need another dozen far-right loons like yourself to make it equal. All I would have to do is ask how many of you voted for George W. Bush the second time he ran. There is no doubt you would all raise your hands. All I would have to say is I rest my case.

Now I have a message for Jeff Ramsey that had a letter on May 10 stating United States is not a democracy and Tom Jacobson who had a letter on May 24 saying the right-wing loons were right. At the end of Ramsey’s letter he blasted me for calling the U.S. a democracy. If either one of you two far-right loons would have taken the time as I suggested in my letter on May 14 by looking this up in your dictionary, like I stated I did, you would know the truth.

Now Editor Tim Engstrom had a column in the May 28 Tribune that explained it right. The heading on his article was “Is America a democracy or a republic? Both.”

In closing I want thank all of you who have called and sent me postcards and letters. I would appreciate it more if you would put your own letter in the paper. We don’t want this country to be ruled like a republic do we?


Wayne Thorson
Albert Lea