3rd hint given for Vitality Adventure scavenger hunt

Published 9:47 am Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The following is this week’s hint for the Vitality Adventure:


On Wednesdays and Saturdays you may pass by the place where this marker does lie.

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Construction could lead you astray.

Water is both close by and far away.

This marker can be easy to ignore and is not too close to a business or store.


Background on the Vitality Adventure:

This is a summer-long scavenger hunt that encourages everyone to get out and get active while having some fun in the process. Families, friends, neighbors, coworkers and moais are all encouraged to participate.

This summer there will be a focus on the long and rich history of Albert Lea. Each Monday, hints and pictures of the selected historical locations and markers within Albert Lea will be sent to moai team captains and Moais in Motion e-newsletter subscribers. Hints and pictures will also be printed in the Albert Lea Tribune.



1. Each hint will lead to only one location.

2. Participants should park their cars and walk/bike/run/etc. when searching for these locations.

3. You must search for the location with at least two other people, but no more than eight.

4. To prove that you found the selected location, participants have to take pictures of their group/moai with the plaque, monument, building, etc. specified in the hint.

5. The selected location must be clearly identifiable and must have at least three people in the picture to qualify.

6. Participants should submit their pictures to Jenny Davis by dropping them off at the Parks and Recreation Department or email them to jdavis@city.albertlea.org no later than Aug. 5.

a. All photos should list each person who is in the picture as well as a way to contact them — either email or phone number.

b. Any photos deemed inappropriate will automatically be disqualified.

c. Pictures once submitted will become property of the National Vitality Center and will not be returned.

7. At the end of the summer, the National Vitality Board and Parks and Rec will choose the most original picture out of all those submitted and the group of people in the selected picture will win passes to the Albert Lea Aquatic Center for next summer.