Adults must play nice to progress

Published 5:40 pm Saturday, July 20, 2013

I would like to turn back time. When people met and talked and were nice — even when talking politics. We will never progress in this country politically with people of one party just trying to make the people of the other party mad and upset. Children call each other names — as adults who want America to progress we must not. Just because a fake TV conservative calls some one a loon does not mean we should. Bill O’Reilly has gotten very rich acting like a conservative. I feel he is not a true conservative.

America is truly wonderful and great country. Even with our faults there is nowhere I would rather live, and yes I have been around to see a lot of the rest of the world. In America we can agree to disagree. But let’s not do this for fun, but for progress and understanding of each other. End the folly of simply saying or writing something just to raise anger. Instead produce solutions and ideas to make our country stronger and more cooperative amongst each other. Otherwise we will fail, and failure will come from the hate mongers.


Milan Hart

Albert Lea