Brodkorb: Affairs list just a snippet of proof

Published 12:09 pm Saturday, July 13, 2013

ST. PAUL, — The fired Minnesota Senate aide alleging multiple sexual affairs at the Capitol said Friday that a sensitive list of names is not the only evidence he has produced about past relationships between legislators and staff.

Ex-GOP aide Michael Brodkorb refuted the notion that he has provided limited proof that the affairs happened with knowledge of leadership and that those involved weren’t punished like he was. It’s a key link in his federal discrimination lawsuit claiming he was treated differently than other employees engaged in affairs with lawmakers. He was fired in 2011 in connection with an extramarital affair involving then-Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch.

His lawsuit, seeking at least $500,000 in damages, is in the discovery phase ahead of a potential trial next summer.

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The Associated Press reported Thursday on a list of 10 alleged affairs that Brodkorb’s lawyers said they accidentally filed publicly on a federal courts website. The list, which contained names and some circumstances, came in response to a list of questions from Senate attorneys asking him to produce facts about his allegations. The document has since been removed from public view.

The AP hasn’t revealed the identities of those accused but has attempted to contact all of them, with many refusing comment or issuing denials. One confirmed the assertion.

“This is not the only piece of evidence that has been submitted on other Capitol relationships,” Brodkorb told the AP on Friday. He added, “That document that was up there momentarily — to say it scratched the surface is an insult to the surface.”

Brodkorb refused to elaborate on the other evidence of affairs, citing a protective seal in the case. He said he has turned over significant amounts of paperwork, audiotapes and videotapes in relation to his case.

Senate lawyer Dayle Nolan said Brodkorb hasn’t provided more details about the affairs than were listed in the recent filing.

Brodkorb said he wants the names of people accused of affairs to remain private during the case. A federal judge is considering whether to sanction Brodkorb’s side for not properly securing the document containing the allegations of other affairs.