Do the city police play favorites?

Published 10:14 am Thursday, July 18, 2013

As much as I respect and depend on the police department in this community, there is something amiss. Why are there certain people in this town who are allowed to get away with breaking the state law or city ordinances and others aren’t? Does it depend on if we have a “friend” in the department whether we can get away with something?

I used to work with the police department and would not want to believe that something like this is going on, but I guess it’s possible. Why is it that some people can have their dogs running loose constantly and the owner gets a phone call to take their dog in the house or the situation is just ignored, while other people in town are immediately issued a ticket for a dog at large that will cost them $180 for a first offense? If it’s a first offense in this situation, they need to have the situation explained and understand if it happens again, they will be ticketed.

Why is it when a report goes out to the police that there are kids standing on top of a garage where a day care is being run that the situation keeps on happening? I’ve been told it’s because of who the owner of this house knows, but that’s just what I hear. If we are to depend on our police department, we need to trust that they will ticket or arrest someone no matter who they are, from the mayor of this fine city to the lowliest hitchhiker passing through town. We need to believe that they’re doing right.

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Overall, I believe the officers in this town are good people, but if we are a friend of an officer and expect them to get us out of trouble or look the other way when we do something wrong, we are no better than those sitting in jail. If you feel you’re better than everyone else, forget it. The police officers are not your get-out-of-jail free card. It’s not their job to be your guardian angel. They’re supposed to be there for everyone.

If this situation is going on with even one officer, it must stop. I know it’s happening; I just don’t know how many are involved. It’s up to the lieutenants and the chief to dig this information out and stop it. Don’t have the citizens of this town or county afraid to talk to the police because what they might have to say is against a “friend” of an officer of either the city or county. Both citizens and law enforcement must stand up and not be covering up for other people. We grow when we make mistakes and have to pay for them. We learn nothing if someone covers our mistakes for us.


Kathy Diaz
Albert Lea