Editorial: Thumbs

Published 5:43 pm Saturday, July 20, 2013

Editorial: Thumbs

thumbupTo the Albert Lea Public Library.

Having various programs to entertain children of all ages is definitely a perk of living in Albert Lea. Children here can play with Legos, do crafts or see magicians and puppeteers — all at the library during its summer months. Librarian Patty Greibrok knows that children can fall behind if they’re not reading when school is not in session, so it’s great that she is so passionate about providing fun programs to get kids in the door. And when they get in, there’s a whole world of adventures available to them if they just open a book.


thumbdownTo fraudulent solicitors.

Asking people for money in the name of the Salvation Army is downright rotten. How low can people go to treat their fellow human? We were disappointed to learn that the Salvation Army had several calls about people who were reportedly walking door to door asking for cash donations to support them. Obviously, the Salvation Army does not participate in door-to-door campaigns. The social service agency does a lot of good for this community that doesn’t deserve tarnishing because of some lame-brained grifters.


thumbupTo Glenville-Emmons School District.

Kudos to school administrators for looking at creative ways to provide opportunities for this small school district. With small class sizes, it will likely soon be necessary for Glenville-Emmons to share its football and baseball programs with another school district in order to be able to keep playing. Looking at neighbors Lyle/Pacelli and Alden-Conger is a smart move that could keep more kids active in sports. And another pat on the back to administrators for taking lots of time to consider all the options and how any changes would affect students. Getting feedback from students, parents and the public is also a good move.