Gay couples choosing whether to re-celebrate vows

Published 10:19 am Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MINNEAPOLIS — Maggie George and Rebecca Voelkel have married each other twice, first ceremonially in their Minneapolis church in 2006, then legally while visiting San Francisco five years ago. Now the couple is mulling whether to do it all again — or to simply sleep through it — when gay marriage becomes legal in Minnesota this week.

They’re among the gay couples nationwide who have ignored state lines in pursuit of a marriage license, even if it had no legal standing back home, as voters, courts or legislators slowly created the patchwork of U.S. states where gay marriage is legal.

As more states join those ranks, including Minnesota and Rhode Island on Thursday, such couples are deciding if another ceremony is in order.

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“Our friends give us a hard time,” said George, a 58-year-old retired General Mills researcher who now works as a life coach. “Is there going to be another Rebecca and Maggie wedding?”

Regardless, come Thursday at midnight, Minnesota’s law will recognize the marriages of gay couples who legally wed in other states. “We go to sleep not married, and wake up married,” George said.