Grass is greener in Albert Lea

Published 2:48 pm Saturday, July 6, 2013

What do you love about being from Albert Lea or about the city of Albert Lea itself?

As someone who grew up here, moved to the East Coast and then moved back, I can tell you there were many things about Albert Lea that I didn’t even stop to appreciate until I moved to the Washington, D.C., area.

I love that you can go and set your lawn chairs on the curb July 2, for the Third of July Parade. Where I lived in Virginia, you had to pay for seats to watch the parade, not to mention we live in a town where you can leave your chair and it’s still there the next day.

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I love that at the start of the parade when our service men and women carry the flag, we all stand and honor them and our flag as it passes. They didn’t do that in Virginia.

I love that I can take my kids to Walmart or any store here in town and not have to cover their ears because of people swearing. Does it happen? Sure. Is it commonplace? No. That people here generally have common decency and manners is something we should all be thankful for.

I love that I can take my kids to the parks and not have to check the area for drug paraphernalia, used condoms or human excrement before I let them play. No joke, I had to do that out east. And I love that we have so many parks to choose from. We had two to choose from out east in a town that was bigger than Rochester.

I love being from a town where it’s much more likely for people to help you than to take advantage of you — where bad things happen but more good things happen.

I really missed a lot of things about Albert Lea when I moved away. As much as I wish some things were different I realize now how nice it is to be from here.


Joanna Dye

Albert Lea