Japanese delegation touring state’s pork producers

Published 10:11 am Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MANKATO — A Japanese trade delegation is on a tour of Minnesota pork producers, who generate more than $2 billion in annual gross revenue statewide.

The pork farmers are trying to impress the five-member delegation with the quality of their product. During a stop in Mankato, the buyers got the answer they were looking for from Dave Preisler, the executive director of the Minnesota Pork Producers Association. The delegation wanted to know if they could cook American pork less than well done.

Preisler told them because American hogs are raised indoors, it’s virtually impossible to contract diseases. Two years ago, the federal government lowered the recommended temperature for cooking pork from 160 to 145 degrees.

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Minnesota is third nationwide in the number of pigs raised. Japan is the largest importer of American pork.