Kaul’s column causes dissention

Published 10:00 am Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In reference to the July 22 article “Other Words” written by Donald Kaul, I have some questions.

1. Was Mr. Kaul present at the trial so he based his opinion on the evidence presented?

2. Was his opinion based on news media coverage?

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3. Is Mr. Kaul familiar with the community where George Zimmerman lived?

4. Has Mr. Kaul seen photos of Trayvon Martin at 17 years of age, not only the ones which ran in the media which were five years old?

5. Why would you, Mr. Kaul, project another scenario of ‘what might have happened’?

6. If, as you say, Mr. Kaul, Florida laws are so skewed, are all the doctors, law enforcement people, all the “experts” that were called to witness, are they also all corrupt as well?

7. If this was a racially based decision, maybe the trial should have been in California (remember O.J. Simpson)?

8. Is it not true that Trayvon Martin at 17 years of age was nearly 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighed 175 muscular pounds? Why have we not seen that in the media coverage? Trayvon had numerous run-ins with authorities, which has nothing to do with the incident that caused his death but has everything to do with the way the media influences how we perceive news coverage such as this.

9. Your article, Mr. Kaul, only causes more dissension and in my opinion is not based on facts.

10. One more question. Why would our president even involve himself by commenting publicly regarding the trial or the verdict?


Maureen Ruble

Albert Lea