Time for a tax on bicycles

Published 8:05 am Monday, July 29, 2013

In the July 23 paper, I read it will be $5 million for the 9.3-mile Blazing Star bike trail! Remember folks, grant money is not manna from heaven. It comes from your taxes. How many people will use this? Has there ever been a traffic count on the existing trail? Where’s the payback? At least the $4.5 million for the lavish Broadway Ave. re-do has people using it every day. Our streets and highways are crumbling, yet we have money to spend on unneeded recreational niceties. We now have a new county tax on our cars and trucks. Snowmobilers pay a tax and can’t even use this trail; they have to maintain their own trails. Cross country skiers are licensed, so why not bikes? It’s about time we institute a bike tax.


Larry Forster

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Riceland Township