Walz floor speech lacked dignity

Published 10:12 am Monday, July 15, 2013

In his speech on the House floor on July 11, Tim Walz twice used the word “extremist” to describe responsible congressmen who want to trim back the excessive farm bill spending of $1 trillion over 10 years. He also used the word “abomination” to describe the bill because it has been properly divided into two bills, one a farm bill, the other a food stamp bill.

Name calling instead of giving information is unbecoming a member of Congress. We should all be embarrassed by the behavior of Tim Walz regarding the farm bill.

Elsewhere, those who want to reform the broken food stamp program, Walz described as “wanting to eliminate government altogether”—a complete falsehood.

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And Walz is adamantly opposed to following the good government principle that every bill should deal with only one subject. Separating food stamps and farm policy is the only way we have a chance to have good bills in either area. If a bill can’t stand on its own merits, it needs to be changed.

Congressmen like Walz are the reason government spending is out of control. They are the reason Congress has an all-time low approval rating.

Name calling, falsehoods, unwillingness to be part of good government procedure and out-of-control spending — that is what we have in Tim Walz


Allen Quist
former candidate Congressional District 1
St. Peter