Alligator surprises boys fishing on Minn. lake

Published 11:07 am Friday, August 30, 2013

SCANDIA — An enforcement officer for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has shot and killed an alligator in an east metro lake, but another alligator remains on the loose.

The gator surprised two boys fishing in a Washington County lake. The alligator, hungry for live frogs the boys fishing Goose Lake used as bait, emerged suddenly out of the lily pads.

Officer Scott Arntzen killed the alligator with a shotgun blast to the head from a boat and watched it sink. The 3-foot-long gator wasn’t considered dangerous, but Arntzen says alligators don’t belong in Minnesota lakes and have no business alarming anglers.

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A second alligator suspected of lurking in the same lake Thursday could not be found.

Authorities say both alligators belong to a Scandia resident.