Demo derby needs new promoter

Published 9:14 am Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I’m writing this to say how very disappointed I was with this year’s Freeborn County Fair demolition derby. I have not been to the Albert Lea fair in many years. What a disappointment, what happened to all the cars? How the demo derby have changed, six different classes and only 17 cars listed in the program. I think it is time to get a new promoter. Here’s hoping that next year the promoter brings more drivers into the derby.

Masters of Disaster should do the right thing and give car B-91 and car 717 their earned prize money.

Powder puff class car B-91 paid her entry fee and had her car ready. It was not her fault she had no competition. She clearly should have won first place and collected her prize money for that class. Car B-91 had several businesses that sponsored her thinking she would be in the powder puff.

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Full-size class orange car 717 should have won the full-size class. It was the last car to make contact. Cars 45 and 111x were hung up on each other. In all fairness, second place should have gone to car 45 and third place to car 111x. Car 45 was the one who made the contact with car 111x getting himself hung up. The two cars hung up never had a one minute warning to break their flags. Instead after three minutes, they stop the derby to unhook the two cars. I have never seen or heard of such a thing, the crowd was definitely disappointed. In that case, orange car 717 should have been told he won first place. Then the other two cars could have fought it out for second and third place.


Darla Nemec
Eden Prairie