Deputy wouldn’t remove skunk

Published 4:30 pm Saturday, August 3, 2013

I am glad there is at least one brave deputy who is running for sheriff.

Today, there was a skunk in the neighbors yard quivering, shaking, fanning its tail. After watching it for over a half hour and trying to find someone with a fun to kill it, we called the sheriff to ask if there was a deputy in the area that could shoot it. He said they did not do that. He also said to stay away from it and it would probably go off into the woods and die.

We live in town where there are more than a dozen children on our block. What happened to protect and serve as I always thought our law officers were to do? The skunk disappeared for now, but it could come back and one of our children could mistake it for a kitten.

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This could be very serious. I am very disappointed in the sheriff.


Karen Johnson