Editorial: Could we take a bus to Austin?

Published 10:09 am Thursday, August 22, 2013

We are pleased to hear that Cedar Valley Services is on track to take over Austin Mower County Area Transit. Cedar Valley Services runs Albert Lea Transit throughout Freeborn County, and by all accounts, it is a punctual, well-run operation.

That said, we have one question.

Now that Cedar Valley Services will run buses in both Mower and Freeborn counties, will there be a route that goes between Albert Lea and Austin?

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We hope it is an idea that gets explored. If the numbers aren’t there, making the idea not feasible, we understand. But it would be nice to explore the idea and get an answer.

We ask because we heard that very question from an interested reader who occasionally needs to go to Austin to see family and could benefit from public transportation.

The economies of the two communities are linked, with residents commuting back and forth daily for work, family and play. It’s hard to imagine there wouldn’t be a need, though it might be a matter of whether the state would assist with funding an outside-of-the-county route.