Nothing is really all that foolproof

Published 5:37 pm Saturday, August 31, 2013

A recent trial result in our nation, that of the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman verdict, fell in favor of the shooter. It’s an example of how well a law can be written for a specific purpose, and how we might anyway view the issue as we want to.

This killing wasn’t about race, say those who favor the shooter. It cannot be about race because it’s now actually illegal to discriminate unequally where race is a factor.

It is also illegal to show intolerance as to race, just as it is to display prejudice where race is involved. All of it is no longer legal. It says so right there in writing.

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So therefore, thusly, exactly, precisely, without doubt, and further forevermore — the verdict wasn’t about race.

The written law is designed to prevent discrimination in life’s matters. But our individual behaviors prove that it is easier to obey the same law where it concerns age, gender, disabilities, religion and education. Those are also in the law designed to prevent all discrimination which impairs equal treatment.

We are seeing how this particular law of our land is being used as a post to lean on where racism is concerned. Since, accordingly, one cannot by law behave in a racist manner, then some are viewing their discriminatory and prejudiced behaviors as not racist.

Critic proof. Airtight. Foolproof. Because it says so right there in writing.

In private, individuals can believe and behave as we want, and we can irrationally think ourselves above criticism.

I’m reminded of a time at a camera display. The person was telling the clerk about past experiences with taking pictures: “I want a foolproof camera,” said the person. The clerk said, “Here’s the best one for that. But, uh, it’s not d— foolproof.”


Rodney Hatle