Published 8:58 am Friday, August 16, 2013

Wa Tan Ye Service Club

President Dorothy Wedge called the Aug. 6 Wa Tan Ye Service Club meeting to order. Roll call was taken and all the members were present.

JoAnn Holstad read the minutes of the last meeting. The treasurer’s report was given by Alice Petersen. Both reports were approved and placed on file. Correspondence was read and discussed by the members.

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The club received information about the annual convention which will be held in Emmetsburg, Iowa, in October. The group was also made aware that it will be the hosts for the convention next year and it will host the district meeting in April 2014. This will be a busy year.

The club did not have any information concerning the dish cloths. It is hoping to at least get the money back.

The meeting was adjourned.

Hostess for the meeting was Marie Querna.

The next meeting will be Sept. 9. Labor Day is the first Monday.



The TOPS Minnesota Chapter 979 announces its July and August winners.

Division winners: Janice Schroader, Julie Baldwin, Dorothy Porter, Pat Sorenson, Rose Rollands and Deanne Kuchera.

Quarterly winners: Lois Goodnature and Pat Sorenson

Four-week loss: Marjorie Lau and Shirley Schuster

KOPS in black: Peggy Inderlie and Elayne Wichmann

Showers fruit: Pat Sorenson

Paper: Elayne Wichmann, Peggy Inderlie and Nancy Jenson

Coin: Ardis Bang and Elayne Wichmann

Vegetable: Frieda Johannsen and Ardus Sanderson