Relatives, survivors take bits of collapsed I-35W bridge

Published 10:39 am Thursday, August 29, 2013

OAKDALE — Relatives who lost loved ones and those who survived the collapse of Interstate 35W bridge claimed pieces of the steel remnants at an Oakdale warehouse.

Lori Stanoch, of Medford, lost her brother in the 2007 accident in Minneapolis. Stanoch was among nearly two dozen families who saved pieces of the rusted and bent steel from the collapsed bridge Wednesday. Stanoch said she wanted something to reminder her that sometimes events are beyond our control. Her family plans to turn the metal into a bench in her brother’s honor.

Rob Bailey was a construction worker repairing the bridge the day it gave way. He lost a co-worker. Bailey said he found the part of the bridge he was working on and saved it as a reminder of his miraculous survival.

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