An attribution is usually a positive

Published 10:28 am Thursday, September 5, 2013

Letter writer Wayne Thorson, you said, “This was not your opinion. Everything in it was mentioned on Fox News.”

Wrong, Wayne. Items may have appeared on Fox News. But to prove my point, I expressed my opinion by using quotes from sources other than Fox — I did not get them from Fox. I made that very clear previously. Since you are so sure that information was on Fox, then you are the Fox addict, not I. I spend five to six hours a day with Dad, who’s about to turn 96, so I don’t have time to be glued to Fox or any other network. By the way, you made a remark about Walmart’s wealth. That comment was made on “The Ed Show,” possibly others. You didn’t give credit to your source. I gave credit for my quotes.

But even if that information was on Fox, so what? I’m guessing that because it was on their network then you see it as “fictional fact” as you expressed in a previous opinion. I quoted a letter from the Teamsters that appeared in Wall Street Journal online. If you believe Fox is presenting “fiction,” then that means that if they quoted the WSJ, as I did, either their quote or the letter from the Teamsters was “fictional fact,” as you call it. Believe what you wish.

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You wrote, “Every far-right Fox News addict will swallow that Obamacare is at fault.” Here’s another quote of the Teamsters letter from WSJ online: “The Affordable Care Act, if not modified, will ‘destroy the very health and well-being of our members along with millions of other hardworking Americans.’” That’s the Teamsters, Mr. Thorson. The Teamsters found on WSJ, not Fox.

As far as insurance costs, Wayne, I’ve been paying premiums for 30 years or more. Don’t lecture me how rates have gone up. You say you worked for a living. Great. But I didn’t?

Regarding jobs filibusters, Google “Veterans Jobs Bill Shafted: Why Politics, Not the GOP, is to Blame Here” and “Third Obama jobs bill blocked in Senate.” There are reasons.

Yes, you did request that we say what Republicans have done for us. I started a list, but I found myself trying to second-guess people. I realized items may be seen differently regardless of which side of political fence one is on. Look at welfare. Some people (right and left) might view welfare positively; others see its negatives. African-Americans such as Doreen Borelli, the Rev. Ken Hutcherson, Ben Carson, Rep. Elbert Guillory and Charles Payne see today’s welfare system as a modern-day form of enslavement that keeps generation after generation in poverty. Again, those are people of color. They should have better insight than this white guy born and raised in Minnesota. People might be interested in finding and viewing Elbert Guillory’s Youtube video.

Erik Schminke’s opinion was right: “Arguing with troll doesn’t work.” So, I’ve had enough. I’m going to resist this tit-for-tat exchange in the future. It wastes time.


Tom Jacobson
Albert Lea