County OKs repairs of ditches; FEMA to pay for 75 percent

Published 9:52 am Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Freeborn County commissioners on Tuesday approved more than $200,000 in repairs to two ditches damaged by severe storms in June.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will reimburse 75 percent of approved damages, while the state will pay for the remaining 25 percent, said Freeborn County Administrator John Kluever.

The repairs discussed Tuesday were for County Ditch 77 in Manchester and Nunda townships and County Ditch 80 in Alden and Carlston townships.

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Commissioners approved a $148,000 contract with Freeborn Construction to complete 28 separate work orders on County Ditch 77. Olson Excavating will complete seven work orders on County Ditch 80 for about $54,000.

In addition to damaging ditches and some gravel roads, the storms flooded numerous homes and required extra emergency response to barricade off roads and pump water. Township and city costs also are eligible for funding.

The approval brings the total amount of ditch damages in the county to an estimated $738,000, said. The storms were from June 20-26.

Freeborn County was one of 18 counties approved to receive state and federal funding to cover costs of damages.

Kluever said with the repairs approved Tuesday, there will now have been $1.1 million in ditch repairs for the entire year, some of which is not related to the storms.

The Tribune intends to print a list of ditches getting repairs with FEMA dollars later this week.