Editorial: Thumbs

Published 5:13 pm Saturday, September 21, 2013

Editorial: Thumbs

thumbupTo Bud’s Cafe.

We are proud that a local establishment was selected by WCCO-TV voters as having the best pancakes in Minnesota. The station is in downtown Minneapolis, so one would think candidates from the Twin Cities have a distinct advantage. That didn’t matter to supporters of Bud’s Cafe in Bricelyn. They voted, and Bud’s Cafe won. The owner, Tom Hughes, was perplexed about why his pancakes are special. He mentioned they are made from his mother’s recipe, and that tells us right there why they won. Mom knows pancakes.


thumbdownTo gun violence.

It was a week with two major incidents of gun violence in the news. The first was on Monday in the District of Columbia, when subcontractor worker Aaron Alexis gunned down 12 people and wounded three others at the Washington Navy Yard. The second was Thursday night, when men in a gray sedan wounded 13 people, including a 3-year-old boy, in an attack on a Chicago park in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. Whether for or against gun control, people on both sides are weary of hearing about mass shootings.


thumbupTo the sport of rodeo.

It’s nice to see rodeo in our newspaper now and then. That’s because when driving along the county roads from time to time we notice a corral, the kinds with chutes for rodeo events such as calf roping or steer wrestling. Sometimes, they have three barrels, which is for barrel racing, which is actually horses racing around barrels. J.R. Linquist, a rural Scarville, Iowa, resident, was in the Tribune on Tuesday for sharing his adventures in riding bulls. It’s a dangerous sports, but we admire the guts he has to get on the back of 1,200 pounds of muscle. Kids, do not try this at home.