Editorial: Thumbs

Published 4:40 pm Saturday, September 28, 2013

Editorial: Thumbs

thumbupTo parents at Halverson Elementary School.

Before we say how wonderful the new playground equipment is, we want to point out something we noticed: It’s great to see children raising money for school needs with exercise, rather than selling candy bars. The Walk-A-Thon was a way to get students moving, something important in this coach-oriented age of video games, Internet and streaming programs. As for the playground, it is nice to see something that allows children in a wheelchair play with other children. The new equipment at the Halverson playground is the only type of its kind within a one-hour drive. And parents who cared and had a vision made it happen. Even having the playground in our city reflects well on the community and its school district as forward thinkers.


thumbdownTo the Minnesota Vikings.

Like many Minnesotans, we are fans of our state’s NFL team. But starting the season with three losses was not expected. Here is what we see: 1. It seems the team doesn’t have that extra edge needed to play one notch better, especially for tackling and blocking. The team needs a motivator. 2. When they get a slight lead, the offense plays too conservatively, trying to eat the clock. When they get in the red zone, they are too predictable. The offensive coordinator needs to think outside the box and play modern football. 3. The secondary is weak. The team’s general manager made a mistake in letting Antoine Winfield go during the off-season. The man was a great pass defender and a solid open-field tackler. 4. Quarterback Christian Ponder had better figure out how to get first downs. He’s out today because of a rib injury. It will be good to see how backup QB Matt Cassel performs in the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Keep the drives alive.


thumbupTo the Freeborn County Arts Initiative.

Cleaning up the alley? What a great idea! Members of the Freeborn County Arts Initiative, which formed last year, picked up trash, removed graffiti and painted walls along the alley downtown a half block west of Broadway between William and Main streets. Community beautification is always a bonus. We look forward to more work being done to downtown alleys.