Expert on bird flora is coming

Published 7:57 am Monday, September 2, 2013

The Albert Lea chapter of the National Audubon Society will host a free special presentation open to the public by Dustin Demmer, owner of Blazing Star Gardens, at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Christ Episcopal Church here in Albert Lea. The topic Mr. Demmer will present and discuss is “Birdscaping.” He will present and discuss plants, shrubs and trees that will attract various species of birds, butterflies and beneficial insects such as pollinating bees to help mitigate if only a little “bee colony collapse” and to help restore the enormous losses of Monarch butterflies in Old Mexico and the U.S. Accordingly, all of us can become “citizen scientists” to help sustain our environment and the future on behalf of our children and their descendants.

Mr. Demmer is a highly qualified man in his expertise and is, so fortunately, in our immediate region. His specialties of interest in gardens include rain and butterfly gardens, shoreline plantings, wetland restorations, native landscaping, and presenting gardening classes. (In his spare time!)


Rick Mammel

Albert Lea