Grocery chain owner killed by propeller

Published 12:48 pm Saturday, September 7, 2013

MINNEAPOLIS — A Canadian police report says a Twin Cities grocery chain owner was killed when he fell into the propeller of a float plane while on a fishing trip in Ontario.

The report from the Ontario Provincial Police says Jim Kowalski was standing outside the plane on the floats as it approached the shoreline Thursday. When the plane hit the shore, Kowalski lost his balance and fell into the propeller. The report says he suffered significant injuries and was taken by air to the Red Lake airport where he died. The founder of Kowalski’s Markets was 67 years old.

The accident happened on Dee Dee Lake, about 200 miles north of the Minnesota border. Kowalski and his wife, Mary Anne, began their grocery business in 1983, growing it to nine Kowalski’s Markets in the Twin Cities area.

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