It is a retirement community

Published 10:15 am Thursday, September 12, 2013

I think Albert Lea is a destination for arts and entertainment, quality health care and healthy living options, many public services, other opportunities, and it is a retirement community.

A recent editorial comment did not mention that more than 20 percent of our population is over age 65. People are living longer around the world. It’s part of an historical global demographic shift. To say that Albert Lea is not a retirement community is simply not true. I suppose there is an advantage to being invisible in this city; we can enjoy the beauty and amenities around us, and no one expects much from us in return. Retirees are here for the same reason young families are here — this is a safe and good place to live. Just because someone retires does not mean they are planning to move to a nursing home. Folks over age 85 need the most services; they are the ones we all need to be concerned about. If our city leaders are in denial about our aging population, that’s not good for the health of our city.


Lenore Fries
Albert Lea