To Syria with love: How much do we care?

Published 10:18 am Thursday, September 12, 2013

Column: My Point of View, by Jerrold Dettle

Editor’s note: “My Point of View” columns from the local Republicans and Democrats normally appear Tuesday. This is printing early because of the rapidly changing situation in Syria.

If we were to honestly tell that little innocent Syrian girl, who is totally blind and disfigured with no arms because of the weapons of war, why we are willing or not willing to bomb her country, what would you say? Or if her 7-year-old brother who has been burned badly and has no legs left would ask you if you could help stop his pain and assure him that he and his sister would be fed until his mother returns, what would you say?

Jerrold Dettle

Jerrold Dettle

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Isn’t conflict and war a human condition that will exist until the end of time? Is it just tough luck if you are born at the right place at the wrong time?

No! I believe strongly that we can affect the human condition. I am convinced that history proves and religions generally teach that all humans belong to the same family and no one can fully reject the total responsibility for the behavior of a member.

True, there are billions of people, but each existence is a soul with equal value. The condition of each Syrian somehow relates to all of us. The conflict in the Middle East is very complex. But as we learn in life, most obstructions can be addressed methodically, and solutions will become real.

It seems there are four subsets in this Syrian equation that must be solved individually if a final and successful solution can be created. Remembering one cannot provide every detail of a successful solution in a short essay. Let’s begin to see what would be necessary to stop the pain and suffering.

First is the axiom that most wars should never be fought. Conflicts often occur when personal emotions overwhelm logical thought. Through the study of history, nations often react in a similar fashion. How much emotion is driving us to attack the Syrian regime?

Secondly, no war is ever won unless the will of one of the opponents is destroyed. This means death and total destruction is almost always necessary.

However, the Cold War was a very rare occurrence, when a socialist economy completely collapsed. The historical proof of long-lasting victories is the war against the Confederacy, Nazi Germany and Japan. The heart and will were severed.

Thirdly, military strength must have overwhelming capability, especially now if Iran and Russia join the fray.

In an effort to take advantage of our preoccupation in Syria, North Korea might move on South Korea and China on Taiwan. Reportedly, our military capabilities have been reduced by 50 percent in the last five years. Thus, the U.S. would not have the troops necessary for building a democratic nation in Syria. Without boots on the ground, a favorable change in regimes is improbable.

Fourth, the desire and enthusiasm of the people must be behind their war if it is to be successful. According to recent polls that is not the case in America.

The elimination of poisonous gases would be wonderful, but it has nothing to do with the causation and the continuation of the conflict. Destruction of gases willingly or by force may be an excuse for an American attack. The real issues are based on internal political differences. There is no promise of a benevolent leader or a lasting peace.

Each of the above subsets can be made productive through the inclusion of missing resources. Americans are capable of solving this equation.

What then are you and I as ethical members of a human race required and capable of doing to help all the poor innocent victims in the Middle East? Rejection of the currently elected federal officials is necessary. Even if some qualified officials currently exist, they are guilty by association.

Our world is declining rapidly as proven by every honest measurement. Let us elect new people that closely model the hard work and wisdom of the Founding Fathers. I am confidant Minnesotans will be able to draw very capable leaders from the huge number of quality citizens available. America’s freedom will be preserved.

Because we Minnesotans really care! From Minnesota with love!


Jerrold Dettle is a member of the Freeborn County Republican Party.