Twerking was a problem long before Miley

Published 10:22 am Thursday, September 12, 2013

Column: A Happy Medium, by Erin Murtaugh

Why are we so worried about Miley Cyrus twerking on the MTV Video Music Awards when so many girls are and have been posting videos of themselves twerking all over the Internet way before her performance?

Instead of worry about Miley’s life, how about we teach the younger generation how to show a little self-respect and dignity rather than putting yourself all over the Internet in a provocative way?

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Quit putting Miley Cyrus all over the news. Please, stop. Yes, I’ve heard it a million and a half times, “She’s a public figure so what she does needs to be appropriate or shame on her.” She’s no different than any other female celebrity that has come through society. Look at Madonna, Janet Jackson, Pink (aka P!nk), Katy Perry and many others. All have done scandalous things. They got their 15 minutes of fame, and no one made a big deal about it afterward.

“But Cyrus was a Disney Channel star.”

Yes, and Amanda Bynes was a Nickelodeon star. She’s in much worse shape than Cyrus. Recently, Bynes has had mental health issues along with chemical dependency problems. Mental health and addiction is far more important than worrying about Cyrus’ VMA performance or her new music video. Let’s be more concerned about other things than celebrities.

Parents, make Miley an example of what not to do, rather than make a huge scene that will take kids nowhere. Tell your children that they need to have self-respect for themselves. Discourage posting certain things on the Internet. Make it clear to your children the consequences with putting inappropriate videos on the Internet and other similar activities.

Maybe instead of being concerned about a celebrity’s life, we should worry about bigger things like our president and wanting to make a military strike on Syria. Worry about your hometown. Worry about your country. If you must be concerned with celebrity lives, that’s your choice, but take their decisions as lessons for yourself and the people around you.


Albert Lea resident Erin Murtaugh is a senior at Albert Lea High School.