United Preschool thanks firefighters

Published 4:37 pm Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fire Awareness Week is approaching fast, and the Albert Lea Fire Department will be busy going to different schools over the next two weeks.

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, the Fire Department came to United Preschool. The teaching team was so very impressed with the presentation to the young learners.

Comments made by the teaching staff included how great it was to see the firefighters sitting on the floor with the children and talking to them about what they had for breakfast or lunch setting a more conversational atmosphere. Others want to compliment the firefighters on using gentle language to explain what children should do in emergencies instead of focusing on what should not be done.

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Yet another staff member enjoyed watching the firefighter in full gear crawl up to the children while explaining situations can get scary, but firefighters are coming to help. Our children have had numerous conversations simply stating how “cool” firefighters are!

Thank you to the Albert Lea Fire Department for all you do for our community.


Laura Munson

United Preschool

Albert Lea