Walz against military action in Syria

Published 2:18 pm Monday, September 9, 2013

First District Congressman Tim Walz on Monday voiced his opposition to a proposed military strike against Syria.

Tim Walz

Tim Walz

Walz, DFL-Mankato, who had previously been undecided on the issue, reached out to southern Minnesotans for input during the last two weeks, studied proposals for intervention and participated in a classified briefing.

“While I believe the use of chemical weapons is despicable and the world must take action to ensure that cruel dictators are not allowed to use such weapons without repercussions, at this time I cannot in good conscience support current proposals to take unilateral, military action,” he said in a news release.

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The release stated residents gave a clear and consistent message that they were opposed to the intervention.

Walz cited his skepticism that even limited military action would stay limited because of unforeseen consequences. He was also concerned that the intervention could result in American soldiers on the ground without a strategy to bring them home.

Walz was one of more than 100 members of Congress to send President Barack Obama a letter urging him to consult with Congress before taking any action.

He commended Obama for seeking congressional approval before launching military strikes.

“After 12 years of war, the American public has every right to weigh in and expect that their views be represented in Congress,” he said.

Minnesota’s congressional delegation is split in its support for the strike.