Charges for man who allegedly broke into school

Published 1:55 pm Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Glenville man was charged in Freeborn County District Court on Friday with breaking into Glenville-Emmons High School, damaging several doors and taking multiple electronic items earlier this week.

John Daniel Bolinger, 23, allegedly broke into the school by using a crowbar to pry open one of the windows to a classroom, according to court documents. Once inside the building, he allegedly attempted to open multiple locked offices and classrooms and take items.

Court documents stated school officials initially reported 25 iPads as missing, as well as a laptop computer, a 40-inch flat screen television, a large tote of candy and two bottles of prescription medication.

John Daniel Bolinger

John Daniel Bolinger

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Bolinger told a Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office detective he was not alone during the alleged burglary but would not name the other people involved.

He was arrested Wednesday after officers with the Albert Lea Police Department and deputies with the Sheriff’s Office conducted a search warrant at 717 Plainview Lane, which is on the east end of the street on a gravel road. Bolinger had reportedly been staying there.

Police were alerted to the address by monitoring a conversation on a two-way radio that had been taken from the school.

While conducting a search warrant at the house, officers reportedly found several backpacks spread around a bedroom and along with some of the iPads believed to have been taken from the school.

Authorities also found a methamphetamine pipe with white residue in it.

In an interview with a Sheriff’s Office deputy, Bolinger reportedly admitted to the burglary and told police he had used drugs prior to going there.

After committing the burglary, he stated he drove to a friend’s house, telling them he had just stolen the items, and then together the two left to go to the residence of another friend who lived at the Plainview address. He told a detective that the friends were not involved in the burglary.

When asked about the other missing items that were not in the bedroom, he said he was unsure where the items were and that he would not help in finding them.

Bolinger faces one count of second-degree burglary involving a government, religious, historic or school building; one count of first-degree damage to property; and one count of receiving stolen property.

He is being held in the Freeborn County jail on a bail of $20,000 and is next slated to appear in court Thursday.