Editorial: Thumbs

Published 4:41 pm Saturday, October 12, 2013

Editorial: Thumbs

thumbupTo the Minnesota Vikings.

We gave the Vikes a thumbs down a few weeks ago for starting the season so lousy, losing a veteran cornerback in the offseason, predictable play calling and continuing to back a quarterback who was playing poorly. We and just about any Vikings fan we know are happy to see some of the changes since then, particularly with Matt Cassel starting in the Pittsburgh game and garnering the team’s first win. We like that the team acquired Josh Freeman after the Tampa Bay franchise cut him. And we felt the play calling against Pittsburgh had improved. We have the means to pass down field, and that, by stretching opposing defenses, will allow star running back Adrian Peterson to make bigger gains. Let’s just hope the pass defense finds a way to step it up today against the Carolina Panthers.


thumbdownTo parents who make children cross busy Front Street.

Parents park on the north side of Front Street and let their kids out on the curb. The children then cross a street on their way to Sibley Elementary School without much for adult supervision or even crossing guards. This puts stress on drivers trying to do the right thing. Parents should make the effort to go around the block so their children don’t have to cross busy Front Street. It’s that simple. There is a clear drop-off zone marked and plenty of spaces on the south side of Front Street.


thumbdownTo not wearing seat belts.

What usually is the factor for whether a car crash ends up in the newspaper or on television and radio? The answer is an injury. We have seen too many recent car crashes where people have sustained injuries because they failed to wear their seat belts. Let’s not forget to mention that one of those incidents did not result in a mere injury. It produced a fatality. Buckle up out there. Be good to your body. We don’t want to see you in print for the wrong reasons.


thumbupTo the Minnesota Lynx.

The Minnesota franchise for the Women’s National Basketball Association won the league title for the second time in three years, sweeping the Atlanta Dream in three games and finishing 7-0 during the playoffs. Wow! Now that’s a dominating championship squad. Congratulations to the Lynx for bringing Minnesota a title. We look forward to the 2014 season.