Good deed comes to the rescue

Published 9:24 am Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Goodness still lives! On Oct. 6 around 10:45 a.m., I stopped at Kwik Trip on Garfield Avenue to get some milk and gas. I had put in about $13.75 in gas when I realized I had no wallet, no cash, no nothing! I went into the store and talked to Jeff who was waiting on a lady customer.

He was nice enough to take my name and address so I could come back and pay later in the day. As we were talking, this very nice lady who he had been waiting on walked over and said, “How much is it?” I wasn’t real clear as to what she was getting at, but she pulled out her credit card and paid for my gas.

I said, “Thanks, now I’ll need your name so I can pay you back.”

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She said, “Just pay ahead.” Meaning: Do something like this for someone else.

How nice of her, a total stranger. Thank you so much for bailing me out. Thank you, Jeff at Kwik Trip, for offering to cover me. Maybe buying the $5 food shelf bags at Nelson’s County Market has residual effects. I will find someone to pay back the favor.

As Al Batt says, “Do good!”

P.S. Debate is good, but I’m sure that many people are just like me, sick and tired of the letters of the editor about the feud between the Democrats and Republicans locally. This is nothing more than bickering. Please put energy toward something positive. “Do good.”


Daniel Paczkowski