Obamacare adds to national debt

Published 9:45 am Friday, October 11, 2013

Obamacare facts: The Democrats did not let the Republicans have any negotiation on this law. They shoved it through without a single Republican vote in the Senate, and they controlled the House then, also. Then after it was passed President Barack Obama has given 19 groups exceptions so they do not have to be covered under the law. This included big companies for a year (after the next election) and unions. Congress and its staff were to be required to be covered by the law, but again Obama is going to give them the extra money it is costing to be in the law.

The Supreme Court approved it because it was a tax since there are like 15-16 different taxes in the law. They plan on paying for it by making young people have insurance and (to help pay for the extra costs that older people experience) or pay a penalty. Plus they plan on $500 billion in savings by reducing costs in Medicare over 10 years, seniors.

The Congressional Budget Office has now said it will cost double from the original figures that were used. If young people do not sign up, it will cost even cost more.

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Our national debt is $16 trillion-plus and will go up even more after this law. This year’s debt is down this year only because of the sequester that the Republicans forced on Obama.


Russel Tordoff