Old guard of GOP can beat Tea Party

Published 8:15 am Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Don Sorensen said it best in his letter published on Oct. 4. There are four conservative groups in the Republican Party. It is bad enough when there are just two, but when there is four it is bound to fail.

I figured that bully group the Tea Party would beat up on that far-right religious group and win. The American people wouldn’t stand for being bullied around and the Republican Party would be all washed up. The good-old boys that President Ronald Reagan was part of would be forgotten. If Reagan were alive today, he would completely abandon the Republican Party.

The old guard sector of the Republican Party recognizes that the American people aren’t going to stand for being bullied around and will attempt to dismantle the Tea Party. But the Tea Party convinced a lot of mentally challenged voters that this is the way to go. Look what’s happening now. The Democrats bargained with the Republicans to get Obamacare through the first time and now Republicans want to bargain again after all it went through.

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The American people are being held hostage by that far-right bully, the Tea Party, which says it is its way or the highway. Just remember that a house divided by itself cannot stand.

I hope the voters will remember what the Republicans have done to this country when they get in the voting booth. Now that Obamacare is here they think they should be able to put it back on the table. Let’s put background checks on firearms sales back on the table also.

Does this make any sense? Can this be negotiated? I don’t think so. Thanks for taking the time to read a letter from someone with common sense.


Wayne Thorson
Albert Lea