Republicans are split 4 directions

Published 9:20 am Friday, October 4, 2013

If the Republican Party is to remain relevant, it must evolve. There are four conservative groups that must cooperate under the Republican banner.

Old guard: Old-guard Republicans are yesterday’s party. Many Republicans will strongly dispute this statement, but the Old Guard has not kept up with a changing voter base. Many of the Old Guard could be considered conservative progressives supporting big government. The line between an old-guard Republican and a conservative liberal is blurred. The good-old boys have ruled the Republican Party for generations and consider Tea Party candidates irrelevant. The old guard’s attack on Ted Cruz for having the courage and stamina to speak against Obamacare for 21 hours was a shameless display toward one of their own.

The religious right: It has two major positions, anti-abortion and anti-gay rights. If the Republican Party is to remain relevant and attract moderates and youth, it must modify its positions.

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The gay rights boat has sailed. It is time to move on. Millions of young conservatives voted liberal only because of the Republican Party’s position on gay rights. The same applies to abortion rights.

Efforts to make all abortions illegal will never succeed. However, I believe the majority in this country could support a bill limiting abortions to the first 20 weeks of a pregnancy. After 20 weeks, the only reason for abortions would be to preserve the life of the mother.

If a voter chooses not to vote because their candidate is not passionately anti-abortion, they are casting a vote for abortion!

I am pro-choice but would actively support a 20-week limit on abortions.

The Tea Party: The Tea Party is a growing force that will be relevant for years to come. This is America’s silent majority speaking. We are fed up with how our government functions. This distrust applies to both parties. The old guard does not recognize the Tea Party as a viable organization. This attitude will lead to defeat at the ballot box. The Tea Party goals are to trim the bloated federal government, its excessive budgets and regulations. Tea Partiers are advocates for a balanced budget. The Tea Party must be welcomed with open arms as true conservatives.

I am a Tea Party supporter who believes the Tea Party is the conservative wave of the future.

I contribute only to candidates that support Tea Party positions.

Libertarians: Libertarian and Tea Party positions are similar.

Libertarians support smaller government, functioning under the Constitution, with less military engagement in foreign countries. If libertarians are not welcome and their ideals not part of the Republican platform, libertarians could establish a third party, which would be disastrous for future Republican hopes in the House, Senate and presidential elections.

Libertarians have a large passionate youth following, who are America’s future leaders.

The conservative base is in flux. The Republican tent must be large enough to welcome all conservatives or it will become an irrelevant divided party.


Don Sorensen
Albert Lea