The problem is at quarterback

Published 8:36 am Wednesday, October 23, 2013

As an NFL MVP two-time NFL rushing leader, Adrian Peterson is a name every football fan knows. Recently he has been making headlines for reasons other than his exceptional offensive skills but for his personal life and his less-than-outstanding plays.

In your editorial, “Vikings, please let Adrian Peterson cut and run,” I agree that Adrian Peterson needs to run; however, I do think this is a bigger issue than the NFL star not running hard enough. Football is a team sport. Fans cannot expect Peterson to break through defensive lines on his own; he needs his team.

With two new quarterbacks this season, not only is Adrian Peterson adapting to changes but the entire team is as well. A stable quarterback is essential in a team’s ability to win, and the Vikings are seriously struggling with that.

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While I agree that Adrian needs to “cut and run,” we all know it isn’t that simple.


Kelli Peterson


Editor’s note: Good points, but that editorial printed Sept. 16, when the Vikings were 0-2 Christian Ponder still was the starting quarterback.