Christians being killed in Mideast

Published 9:53 am Monday, November 11, 2013

Christianity is under attack here and abroad. Here are some headlines you’re not likely to see in the major media.

“Christians joining forces with Syrian Army as jihadists threaten” — Catholic Online, Oct. 13

“Pakistan’s Christians struggle with casualties after bloody church bombing kills 85” — Washington Post, Sept. 23

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“Report: Mob burns Christian homes in Karachi; 300 flee; A mob of 150 Muslims attacked a Christian neighborhood in Karachi.” —, Oct 2

“A Global Slaughter of Christians, but America’s Churches Stay Silent” — The Daily Beast, Sept 27

“Obama-backed extremists beheading Christians” —, Sept. 11

“Syrian Christians Flee Homeland as Government Forces, Rebels Infiltrate City” — The Christian Post, Sept. 9

“Syrian Christians Pack Passports Fearing Islamist Onslaught” — Businessweek, Sept. 10

“Egypt: Christians live in terror following city’s takeover by Muslim Brotherhood” —, Sept. 10

“Christians in Egypt already reeling from attacks by Muslims are bracing for more violence.” —, Aug. 28

“Aleppo Christians Fear Iraq-Style Ethnic Cleansing” — Assyrian International News Agency, Aug. 27

“Living in, and with headquarters in Pakistan, is the leader of Muslims of America (MOA). His name is Sheikh Mubarik Ali Gilani. They have jihad training camps in many isolated places in the U.S., preparing for the Grand Jihad. Once underway, this jihad movement will attempt to give the final blows of destruction to Christianity and Judaism in the USA and install Sharia law. Already a number of leftist judges have allowed Sharia law to take precedence over constitutional law.” — the Rev. Jim Mumme, Casa Grande Dispatch, Aug. 28

“It was announced that the Department of Defense is removing military edition Bibles from its exchange stores.” — Christian Post, Feb. 13, 2012

“Mazen Abboud, a researcher on Christianity in the Middle East speaks for many. He said: ‘Look at Iraq. Look what happened after the western involvement there. Now there are none (Christians) there. Gone!’” in “Beirut’s Christians: a community in Fear” by Alex Thompson, Channel 4 (in Great Britain), Sept. 9

A U.S. Army training instructor on (a political action committee) listed Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism and even Islamophobia as examples of “religious extremism,” Also listed were the Ku Klux Klan, Hamas and al-Qaeda.

“I’m waiting. I am a Lebanese Christian, and I am waiting. Waiting for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times or Time magazine to really tell the story. To finally run this headline: ‘War on Christians Being Waged by Islamists.’” — by Lee Habeeb, Fox News, Sept. 26

I waited long enough, so I gave you just some of the headlines. Little hope, but a lot of change.


Tom Jacobson
Albert Lea