Girl meet boy; girl goes to action movie

Published 10:56 am Thursday, November 14, 2013

Column: Display Type, by Crystal Miller

Love changes us. We tend to do things for our loved ones that turn our lives in a direction thought to be less traveled. If asked a decade ago, would I be seeing nearly every Marvel Legends (comic book) movie made since, I would have said no way. I would have been wrong. My husband has turned my life in a direction toward comic book movie enthusiasm.

I enjoy comic book movies and could not have found a better direction on my own. Recently we saw “Thor: The Dark World.” Our cinematic experience was greeted with the fantastic manager and employees of Albert Lea Cinema 7.

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First, know that these employees do not just simply work at Cinema 7; they have a passion for the movie industry. The employees line up, seeing my husband on approach, knowing they have a true moviegoer on their hands They are anxious to answer any questions. They offer advice. They offer inside information on the best scenes.

In this case my husband and I were on a mission to see “Thor: The Dark World.” There was no advice that would change our minds. Our only decision was, should we deal with the 3D glasses to see an extra clip?

If you think comic book movies are not for you, you ought to reconsider. These movies offer the usual: Boy meats girl, boy and girl find conflict, boy and girl solve conflict. They just offer the usual with super awesome special effects and abundant wit.

“Thor: The Dark World” was entertaining and filled with sly humor. I recommend you see it. Though it is apparent after “Red Dawn” (2012) that Chris Hemsworth isn’t a superior all-around actor, he does a good job as Thor. It was the essence of what a popcorn movie should be.

There are a couple of flaws to warn you about. Our villains in this movie, which happen to be evil elves that have been hibernating for 5,000 years, have the ability to break down the Asgardians (written to be the most advanced alien race in the universe).

After 5,000 years I would expect the most advanced alien race in the universe to have built up more superior weaponry and war tactics than our sleepy villains. On the same token, when the fight is brought to Earth, beloved scientist Erik Selvig is the mastermind behind defeating the villains. Again, would the most advanced alien race in the universe not have the answer before a human scientist?

There is one more weakness this movie had, the timing of its release. It was released only a few months after “Iron Man 3.” Possibly “Iron Man 3” is the best movie of its time. Because the two movies have intertwining story plots, it is hard to not compare them. “Iron Man 3” had more wit, more plot line and more Robert Downey Jr. Thus making it hard to manage ones expectations.

Much like Jane, the love interest to Thor, I have opened my mind to a world of new adventures in a direction I didn’t see coming. I am glad I gave comic book movies a chance. I hope that you do, too.


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