School video: ‘What does the clock say?’

Published 1:10 pm Thursday, December 5, 2013


Learning to tell time is a vital life skill that children learn in elementary school. Lakeview Elementary School teachers have found a way to make learning to read a clock fun for students.

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Third-graders made an educational spoof of the song “The Fox” by the Norwegian duo called Ylvis. Instead of the song’s lyrics “What does the fox say?” the students sing, “What does the clock say?”

While the real song written for a comedic talk show may be a viral video for the season, Lakeview’s version focuses on helping students master all the elements of telling time, like the meaning of the numbers, the different hands and phrases like “quarter after” and “half past.”

The video was uploaded on, which is essentially like YouTube but is geared toward hosting educational videos made by teachers and students. As of Wednesday afternoon, it had 467 views.

Both students and faculty sing and dance in the video and a turtle even makes an appearance. The video can be found on the Albert Lea Tribune’s website.