Year in Review: Top quotations of 2013

Published 10:18 am Friday, December 27, 2013

Who said what in print during the past year

Who said what in print during the past year

Editor’s note: The news staff has selected its favorite quotations from the past year and present them here for you to recall.


“This isn’t the way it was supposed to go.” — Hart Bros. Weaponry owner Milan Hart, speaking Feb. 26 on his store losing its ATF-issued license to sell firearms after losing hearings about paperwork mistakes.


“She’s thrown every inning of every game for the last three years. She eats, sleeps and breathes softball.” — Alden-Conger head coach Gary Nelson said about Tribune’s softball Co-Player of the Year, Allison Songstad in a story published June 23.


“Some places look like the tornado all over again. We’re having to weave around branches and trees in the road.” — Albert Lea Police Chief Dwaine Winkels on May 2, after a foot of wet, heavy snow fell on Albert Lea, snapping branches and downing power lines all over the city.


“As a young adult, I said, ‘I would never get involved in politics.’” — Albert Lea first-grade teacher Peggy Bennett on Dec. 2 at Northbridge Mall, announcing her candidacy for House District 27A as a Republican.


“The other night he made a comment that when daddy dies, sissies are going to cry. I said, Mommy will probably cry, too. He reached out and gave me a hug and said, ‘I will take care of you.’” — Brenda Herr, the wife of Doug Herr who passed away after a battle with cancer, in an Oct. 27 story sharing what the couple’s 3-year-old son, Nathan, said to her. 


“There was really some mad guys, I’ll tell you that.” — 92-year-old former baseball player Roland Marquardt talking about being in the Brooklyn Dodgers organization when Jackie Robinson first started playing Major League Baseball on Nov. 5.


“I’ve watched him be discriminated against most of his life.” — Minnesota House District 27A Rep. Shannon Savick, DFL-Wells, on May 6, speaking about her gay brother and why she supported a bill to make same-sex marriage legal.


“Sometimes you’ve just got to drop the shoulder, run into guys and get through holes.” — Northwood-Kensett running back Brandon Brockman after he rushed for 83 yards and two touchdowns and the Vikings beat Kee 36-22 in the first round of the 8-Man state playoffs in a story published Oct. 31.


“You go anywhere, and that’s all they talk about.” — Clarks Grove Mayor Bruce Hansen on Dec. 6 shortly after Salvation Army Capt. Jim Brickson broke the world record for ringing a Salvation Army bell.


“My mom hated cats. There was never a like for cats ever.” — Jane Haukoos, speaking Aug. 30 about her mother, Helen Modderman, who died Aug. 29 as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning from a fire that filled her Bel Aire Drive home with smoke on Aug. 28. Modderman became friends with her granddaughter’s blue Russian cat named Persnickety, only she renamed it Cat. The feline survived the fire.


“I try to tell people it’s no pressure — I can only be Cordarrelle Patterson; I’m just trying to fill my role.” — Cordarrelle Patterson in a feature story published July 28 about the Minnesota Vikings training camp about having a similar skill set to Percy Harvin who was traded to the Seattle Seahawks.


“He literally transformed Albert Lea basketball.” — Albert Lea High School graduate Rich Wendorff on Sept. 23, following the death of former teacher and basketball coach Orrie Jirele. 


“When I have my bad days, I think about the kids and families I’ve met and know my situation is really not that bad. Some of these kids go through things that some of us never have to experience and they are always positive.” — Stacie Eichinger, a 29-year-old woman who is doing Walk for Courage, an eight-month walk across America for Beads of Courage. Her journey will conclude in February. She stopped in Albert Lea on Sept. 28.


“When it has to come down to the last play of the game, that’s unfortunate. But in the first three quarters and 11 minutes, we had to be better. We weren’t good enough to win.” — Albert Lea football coach Max Jeffrey talking about the team’s last-minute Homecoming loss to Mankato East on Sept. 20. 


“We have to stay firm in our belief in family and say this time is sacred.” — Home Depot store manager Jenny Iverson for a story that printed Nov. 29, Black Friday. Her store opened that day, rather than on Thanksgiving Day. 


“He’s quiet. You couldn’t even tell tonight was any different. I think I was more nervous than he was. He handles it really well.” — Wayne Olson in a feature story published March 10 about his grandson, Derek Olson, who passed 1,000 career points and holds the school record for 3-pointers in a season with 100.


“When you have a box this big, you have to think outside the box.” — Property manager and broker Robert Hoffman in a story that printed March 25. He manages the vacant Walmart at 1721 W. Main St and hopes to broker its sale to a new owner. 


“I see trucks headed to Scarville all day.” — Teresa Nicholson, executive director of the Winnebago and Worth Counties Betterment Council, for a story that printed Nov. 4. She was referring to semis hauling corn and soybeans to a new $4.5 million grain storage facility Five-Star Co-op built in Scarville that can hold nearly 1.1 million bushels. Nicholson resides on the road to Scarville. 


“I like the accountability of having to see these people at the grocery store.” — Kade Vershey, general sales manager at Dave Syverson Auto Center in a Dec. 2 story about being named Large Business of the Year.


“I’m standing in a mall, in my uniform, ringing a bell. I’m not in a T-shirt in the mud picking up debris. I think I’m in a lot safer situation now.” — Salvation Army Capt. Jim Brickson in a Dec. 3 story about breaking the world record for bell-ringing of 80 hours. Brickson went on to set the record at 105 hours with two others across the United States. 


“I am like a huge nerd for Santa Claus. I love Christmas.” — Amy Gauthier, a new administrative assistant at the Albert Lea-Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce, for a profile that printed Oct. 15.


“Everyone talks about him as a running back this year, close to 1,500 yards — and that’s outstanding — but to me, I’ll always remember Dillon as our middle linebacker.” — New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva football head coach Dan Stork on Tribune football Player of the Year Dillon Parpart in a feature story published Nov. 17.


“Many people, when they were children, had breakfast here, and now they come back and have this great food.” — Sharyl Johnson, who has worked at Bud’s Cafe for 14 years, speaking for a story that printed Sept. 16. Via an online WCCO poll, the cafe in Bricelyn was voted as having the best pancakes in Minnesota.


“We can’t have a pretty girl go unattached.” — Alden resident Dave Sime in a Dec. 17 profile on how he reacted when his college roommate broke up with the woman who later became his wife. They have been married for 30 years.


“There are not too many things that would make me want to move. We have an awesome team and so many friends here in Albert Lea.” — Tribune Publisher Scott Schmeltzer, announcing in a story June 25 that he would leave the Tribune and become publisher of several weeklies in and near Sturgeon Bay, Wis.


“It’s a pretty big circuit.” — Alliant Energy spokesman Justin Foss on June 18, referring to a car that struck a guy wire for a power pole along Wedgewood Drive, knocking out power for nearly 1,600 customers.


“This is our community. This is our downtown area. Let’s seize the moment.” — Albert Lea Mayor Vern Rasmussen on Oct. 12 during Celebrate Albert Lea, an event to celebrate the nearly completed Broadway reconstruction with games, food and music.


“This is a reflection of what an extraordinary man the race director of the Boston Marathon is.” — Avid marathon runner Bryce Gaudian, development manager at Agilis Co. in Albert Lea, for an April 21 story. He communicated with friend Dave McGillivray after the marathon was bombed, encouraging him to persevere. Over the years, McGillivray has sent marathon shirts to a charitable effort led by Gaudian.


“Some have done it. Some have yet to do it. Some are replacing the signs little by little.” — Manchester Township Clerk Neal Gjersvik in an April 4 story on how townships struggle to afford an unfunded federal mandate to replace road signs.


“I’ve never felt such positive energy in one spot. There were lots of people who were crying.” — former Albert Lean Charlotte Olson about the inauguration of President Barack Obama in January. 


“He didn’t seem to be above anybody, and he didn’t try to push his weight on anybody. He stepped up when we needed him to fill the spot.” — former 5th Ward Albert Lea City Councilor John Severtson on Feb. 8, following the death of former Mayor Aaron Summers.


“He wants to go back and make a difference. “But, Ryan’s changed and those kids haven’t. We will not allow him to go backwards from where we are.” — Michelle Lacher in a Dec. 1 story about her son being bullied at school. Lacher’s son has been attending an online school, but wants to return to United South Central High School.


“If someone would have told me I wouldn’t have believed them, but I happened to turn on the radio and heard it on there.” — The Rev. Tim Reker of St. Theodore Catholic Church on Feb. 11, after hearing that Pope Benedict XVI would resign at the end of the month. 


“My intentions from day one were only for the best for the community to develop this project and for it to be a successful development project for the community and for myself. A lot of things happened that were out of my control.” — Eagle’s Rest commercial developer Scott LaFavre, in response to finding out March 5 that he won a $3.8 million default judgment against Medford-based general contractor Niles-Wiese Construction Co. Inc. and its owners. Freeborn County District Court Judge Steve Schwab wrote that the owners did not file an answer to LaFavre’s claims. Daniel Niles, one of the owners of the construction company, later stated he would fight the judgment.


“I think it’s critical not just for Albert Lea and Freeborn County but for all of the state.” — Albert Lea Economic Development Agency Executive Director Dan Dorman in April about the need to replace the Jobs Opportunity Building Zones program. 


“At this point in time it’s going to be a hardship, not a benefit. To ask people to pay for it right now when they can hardly get by seems a little much.” — Adele Hellekson, owner of Albert Lea Tailors, on April 8 about how the Albert Lea City Council should proceed with the Broadway reconstruction after hearing that the project came in $495,000 over the estimate.


“There’s no other projects like this happening in Minnesota right now. It will be one of the nicest senior campuses in the state of Minnesota.” — St. John’s Lutheran Home Administrator Scot Spates in April about plans for a new senior campus on the former Albert Lea Golf Club property. 


“This is an opportunity for our community to set ourselves apart from all other communities.” — Albert Lea Mayor Vern Rasmussen on April 22 after the City Council voted to award a $4.3 million bid for the Broadway streetscape project. 


“Don’t take life for granted. It can be gone in an instant if you are doing something wrong or someone else is doing something wrong.” — Glenville-Emmons High School student Meagan Nelsen on May 1 after an assembly at the school that depicted her death to distracted driving. 


“We never ever, ever thought we would be plowing out the driveway to get her here.” — Kristin Bergdale on May 3 after her husband, Mike, plowed out their driveway and she rushed to the hospital to give birth to their daughter, Lindy Ann Bergdale. 


“I’m so happy, I don’t even know what to think. I never thought it would happen, never.” — Albert Lea High School graduate Tori Fjeldberg on May 9 after the Minnesota House of Representatives voted to allow gay marriage.


“There was a little pressure, but you just have to stay calm and not let the goalie psych you out.” — Holly Wichmann of the Albert Lea girls’ soccer team after scoring the game-winning goal in a shootout at home against Mankato Loyola in the Section 2A quarterfinals in a story published Oct. 14.


“They all started screaming and yelling and hugging each other. It was just amazing. I have never been in such a loud place in my life.” — District 27A Rep. Shannon Savick on May 9 after the Minnesota House of Representatives voted to allow gay marriage. 


“I think it’s time in our country. I think people from all walks of life have realized this is an issue of civil rights.” — Southwest Middle School Principal Jean Jordan on May 14 after gay marriage was signed into law by Gov. Mark Dayton.


“She shakes, rattles and rolls.” — Chris Soucy, a volunteer from Arnold, Md., when describing the 1929 Ford Tri-Motor 4AT-E plane she and her husband, Colin, flew into Albert Lea on July 11. 


“We’re extremely disappointed with the bonding outcome.” — Shell Rock River Watershed District Administrator Brett Behnke on May 21 after finding out Albert Lea’s Fountain Lake would not receive $7.5 million in dredging funds. 


“We all hunkered down and lots of prayers were being said.” — Albert Lea resident Lance Skov on June 5 about narrowly avoiding an EF5 tornado in Oklahoma. 


“Ed is just such a part of the fabric of Albert Lea.” — Randy Kehr, executive director of the Albert Lea-Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce, on June 10 about the selection of former Albert Lea Tribune columnist and writer Ed Shannon as the grand marshal for the Third of July Parade. 


“Guns follow all drug transactions, and I’m very fearful of a serious event happening in that park if somebody loses control and starts shooting at people and we have a mass shooting incident.” — Freeborn County Sheriff Bob Kindler on June 18 about his concerns with Harmony Park along the western shore of Geneva Lake. 


“I try to treat every girl like they’re my own daughter. That’s part of the reason why I took the job; it’s because I care about this bunch of girls.” — Lake Mills softball head coach Rick Orban in a story published June 28 about coaching his daughters Sarah and Emily along with the rest of the team.


“I love that Albert Lea is doing something to be out in town.” — Albert Lean Stassy Adams on June 26 at the first of three Wind Down Wednesday festivals. 


“The bonding process is extremely competitive, but with the good effort in 2013 and the support of the community, we hope 2014 will be the year.” — Shell Rock River Watershed District Administrator Brett Behnke in June about the district’s request  for consideration in Gov. Mark Dayton’s 2014 bonding bill.


“We’re just trying to stay focused on golf in other ways than actually playing golf.” — Albert Lea boys’ golf head coach Casey McIntyre in a story published March 31 about practicing indoors to start the season due to snow on the course.


“I kicked my butt all day yesterday, saying if I had only been there. But if I had been I could have been trapped inside.” — Craig Ferns, renter of one of three warehouses at 101 Netherlands Ave. W. that burned down in Hollandale on July 8. At least 20 fire departments from both in and outside of Freeborn County battled the blaze for more than eight hours. 


“This building is going to bring so much new life to this town.” — “Happy Days” actress Marion Ross on July 14 during the ribbon-cutting of the new Marion Ross exhibit in the expanded Freeborn County Historical Museum.


“They treated all the anglers like royalty, and it’s something I’ll never forget.” — Albert Lea resident Jason Howland in a story published July 21 about his experience at the Bass Fishing League’s All-American Tournament at Nickajack Lake in Tennessee.


“Do not let a few bad apples ruin it for the whole bunch.” — Austin man Jeff Carlson on Aug. 6 during a public hearing about Harmony Park in front of the Freeborn County Board of Commissioners. 


“I’m still shocked. How could somebody take somebody so sweet out of this world?” — Northwood resident Sarah Hilsenhoff on Aug. 7 in response to the murder of Justina Marie Smith, 30, two days prior.


“This is new territory for us. We’ll see what happens from here.”  — Albert Lea softball head coach Dan Harms in a story published May 26 about how the Tigers earned their first postseason win in a decade.


“To me, it’s not about what I did, but it’s what I’m doing now.” — Glenville-Emmons High School student Jaclyn Weitzel after a performance Aug. 16 during Recovery’s Got Talent at Crossroads Church.  


“I’ve always said if I was ever going to cut my hair that I would give it to Locks of Love because some little girl would love to have my hair.” — Scott Juveland, former owner of The Bend in the Road bar, in a story on Feb. 21. Juveland’s hair was 15 inches long before it was cut off for Locks of Love. It had been more than 30 years since he had short hair.


“She’s being called the expressway dog.” — Albert Lean Dan Dorman after his dog, Hope, got loose in Chicago in October and was recovered nine days later.


“I’ve watched him take out the best linebackers in the league — just knock them silly. I’m excited for him, and I want him to succeed at the next level.” — Albert Lea Grizzlies head coach Stephen Piper in a story published Nov. 24 about offensive lineman Matt Mirowski after he signed with the Sioux City Bandits of the Champions Professional Indoor Football League.


“I don’t see me having no fair trial in this town period.” — Northwood resident Tyrone Washington, who is accused of stabbing to death Justina Marie Smith in Swensrud Park, during a hearing Oct. 28. 


“It was a very hard decision. I love my family, and it was tough to leave them,” — Sarah Jensen talking about leaving her family and hometown for a job with the Los Angeles Kings on Oct. 11. 


“The kids are in awe of the players, and hopefully, some day they’ll be able to sit on this side of the table and sign some autographs for their fans.” — Former Minnesota North Stars hockey player and current Minnesota Wild radio analyst Tom Reid during the Minnesota Wild Road Tour at the Albert Lea City Arena in a story published June 27.


“It’s a proud day for all of us. Everyone should take pride. They interviewed the whole community, if you will.” — Skyline Plaza owner Curtis Smith on Nov. 8 about the announcement that a new Veterans Affairs community-based outpatient clinic would come to Albert Lea.


“This has turned into more than just whether we can have chickens in town. It comes down to the fact that the council is not listening to its citizens. They listen to some, but that’s just the ones they agree with.” — Northwood resident Leo Hendrick in November after he was cited for having chickens in his backyard.


“They’ve battled every game, and we’ve lost some tough ones. It’s some good competition we’re playing against.” — Albert Lea baseball head coach Joe Sczublewski about having 11 games decided by one run in a story published May 28.


“We don’t want you to think we’re picking on Mr. Hendrick. We simply want the laws enforced.” — Northwood City Attorney John Greve on Dec. 13 during the trial against resident Leo Hendrick, who was cited for having chickens in his backyard. The jury ruled in favor of the city.


“We’ve had an amazing season. It was fun, and we’ve made so much progress over the last few years as a team. We are so much stronger in every aspect of the game, and that’s because the girls worked very, very hard in the offseason. I’m proud of them.” — Albert Lea volleyball head coach Lisa Deyak after her squad lost 3-1 against Farmington in the Section 1AAA quarterfinals in a story that was published Oct. 27. The Tigers finished with the same number of Big Nine Conference wins as the last four years combined.


“No matter what the sport or class is, he treats all people with class and respect.” — Albert Lea athletic director Chris Chalmers about  Albert Lea boys’ tennis head coach Tom Dyrdal when he earned the Big Nine Conference tennis Coach of the Year award in a story published May 19.