Editorial: Sunday liquor law is fine as it is

Published 9:38 am Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Make no mistake, it would be beneficial to consumers if the Legislature passed a bill to allow liquor stores to sell alcohol on Sunday.

However, the hardship it would put on liquor stores, including municipal liquor stores in the surrounding area, seem to outweigh the convenience to consumers.

Since the days of prohibition, the laws preventing the sale of alcohol at liquor stores on Sundays was to maintain control over the sale of a product that clearly can be harmful if abused.

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That said, the fact is that Minnesotans are used to the law, and have planned their shopping patterns around it.

Changing it would mean liquor stores, both private and municipal, would spend more money on staffing, utilities and other expenses, and would not likely see an increase in revenue, since sales would be spread out over seven days instead of six.

Other than convenience, there does not seem to be a dire need to change the law. Let’s just leave it as it is.