Eagle cam attracts large audience

Published 6:15 pm Saturday, March 29, 2014

ST. PAUL — More than 151,000 Internet users from around the globe have been tuning in to Minnesota’s eagle cam — and this week, viewers were treated to the much-anticipated hatching of two eaglets.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said a third chick is expected to hatch any day.

Viewers have been watching from all 50 states and 137 nations. The most frequent foreign visitors have been from Canada, Poland, the United Kingdom and Germany.

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The first fuzzy eaglet hatched on Tuesday, and the second one on Wednesday. Viewers have watched as the parents fuss over their young, and teach them how to eat catfish and pigeons.

“Right now, they are very dependent and sit with their open mouths and hope somebody puts something in,” said DNR nongame wildlife specialist Erica Hoaglund.

The camera showed one parent looking annoyed, yet sitting patiently, during Thursday’s snowfall.

This is the second year of the eagle cam, and it’s much busier than last year, when three eggs froze and crumbled.