Level 3 offender to be watched

Published 10:39 am Monday, March 17, 2014

A high-risk predatory offender moving to Gordonsville on Tuesday will be under intensive supervision by the Minnesota Department of Corrections, according to the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office.

Brooks Daniel Fisher

Brooks Daniel Fisher

Authorities are requiring Brooks Daniel Fisher, to have GPS monitoring, along with multiple check-ins with a DOC agent, said Sheriff’s Office detective Chuck Malepsy. Fisher, a Level 3 offender, will be under DOC supervision until 2024 and will be required to register as a predatory offender until 2029.

The Sheriff’s Office and Department of Corrections hosted a notification meeting on Thursday about Fisher’s release into the community. Malepsy said about 45 people attended.

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Fisher lived in the small Freeborn County community of London in 2011 before he left the state without notifying authorities in March 2012. After he was arrested and convicted for violating his offender registration, he went back to prison.

Now, after completing the additional prison time, he is being released again, this time choosing to move to Gordonsville.

Malepsy said the Sheriff’s Office does not have control over where an offender moves, as long as it does not violate his or her terms of release.

The detective said Fisher will live on the 200 block of Main Street in Gordonsville and will be required to spend 40 hours a week looking for a job, working or undergoing training.

“He will be reporting his every movement,” Malepsy said. “If he leaves the home to go do errands, he will report to the DOC that he’s leaving his property, where he’s going to and when he’s expected to be back.”

In 1993, Fisher was convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with an adult woman, including penetration, involving a dangerous weapon in Stearns County. He reportedly used force and brandished a gun to gain compliance during the commission of the act, which was also an armed robbery.

The victim did not know Fisher prior to the incident.

Fisher also committed an armed robbery at a separate business and held employees there against their will at gunpoint.

He was sentenced to 27 years in prison but was released after serving two-thirds of his sentenced.

He is classified as a Level 3 offender because he has the highest likelihood of reoffending.