Bike path also is a cemetery road

Published 9:38 am Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This is the time of year that people start enjoying the outdoors and walking around our beautiful lake. Several years ago the city had the vision to plan the current bike and walking trail from Brookside Park to the intersection of Lakewood Avenue and North Shore Avenue. When planning for this trail, it was necessary to acquire access across two of Albert Lea’s cemeteries. The St. Theodore Cemetery board was approached and an easement was given for the trail to cross cemetery land and the use of part of the cemetery’s roadway.

As a board member I would like to remind bike-path users that vehicles are permitted on certain areas of the path. Cemetery vehicle traffic is permitted on the part of the path that was an existing road before the path was built. The city installed signs in this area that advise walkers of vehicle traffic. St. Theodore Cemetery is pleased to allow the path on their property, but we also hope people will respect cemetery visitors driving on the path. These vehicles also must travel safely and watch out for bike-path users. This agreement is a unique solution that makes the bike path available for many of us to enjoy.


Jim Stark


St. Theodore Cemetery Board 

Albert Lea