Facebook Forum: Should school district change?

Published 9:00 am Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Tribune asked on Facebook whether the Albert Lea school district should change its calendar. A lively discussion ensued. Here are the responses, with the names printed as their Facebook names. We printed the other responses on Friday:


Dr. Mike Funk and the administration and school board are doing what is best for our students. Many children don’t have proper meals or supervision out of school. This is a sad fact. But their decision is based on ensuring students have a good education regardless of their situation in life. I have seen much good in the schools.

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Yes, there needs to be more communication, but here you go. You have a voice. Use it to state your opinion rather than belittle someone you’ve never had a chance to meet. And if the decision doesn’t go in your favor, then work to do what you feel is best for your children.


Ann Austin


I’ve known children in balanced calendar curriculum schools, and they love it! Their schedule and learning is continuous and with the larger breaks throughout the year it never phases them to return, which academically provides easier advancement for each school year.


Jodi Hestness


I think if they were going to add days onto the school year, it should have been taken out of “spring” break! Let kids have their summer.


Ashley Stahl


They aren’t adding any days on. It will be the same number of days.


Tami Charlton


I love the idea. Most kids (myself included when in school) get bored by the end of summer break. That combined with learning loss are exactly why we need a balanced calendar. Plus a little break in between quarters is sometimes exactly what a student needs to have a little downtime. Having three weeks off in March is a great idea. We usually visit out-of-town relatives in March for spring break, and since District 241 and Riverland do not line up, it makes coordinating schedules harder.


Tami Charlton


I say let the kids have their summer, Thinking back to when I was a child, I couldn’t wait for summer vacation, it was a time to get out and play and swim and go camping, take family vacations.


Elizabeth Zwinger


I say change it were they have school in the summer and give them November-January off.


Ashley Edwards


No, there is no real data to support that this will have an impact on what they’re trying to achieve. Which, if I heard correctly, the goal is to decrease the gap from the highest ranking children to the lowest. I sure hope that there are more parents at the next meeting April 29.


Jennifer Berg-Hanson


No. Let the kids have their summer.


Kayleen Toot


In Germany, it was go to school three months off one month all year long.


Sara Sylvara


I totally agree with Melissa Doppelhammer, that it is a resume booster for him! (Editor’s note: Doppelhammer had referred to Superintendent Mike Funk.)


Sara Colby


I think it’s a great idea!


Kris Wood


Yes. I think the literature may be a little too advanced for the better part of your community.


Patrick Dolan


My children thrived with the 45/15 that Sumner school offers in Austin. To see that they don’t lose what they learned during break has really helped them do better in school. This has been amazing for my child who has a learning disability. Think about the big picture before you just say no. To lose a couple weeks in the summer, which most kids are bored by the beginning of August anyway, to help them gain achievements in school is a good thing!


Kari Ernst Lodahl