Interest in Bible reading leads to career as pastor of church

Published 10:18 am Tuesday, April 29, 2014

David Zuleger is the new pastor at Sojourners Church in Albert Lea. – Sarah Stultz/Albert Lea Tribune

David Zuleger is the new pastor at Sojourners Church in Albert Lea. – Sarah Stultz/Albert Lea Tribune

When 27-year-old David Zuleger was a sophomore in college, he experienced what he describes as a change of heart.

Deep in the middle of several foolish decisions, he said God gave him a hunger to read the Bible.

He started reading, and that hunger grew.

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“I wanted to know God through Jesus the very best I could and help others see him more clearly,” Zuleger said. “Within a few years, I thought, ‘Why would I want to do anything else?’”

After completing a double major in business and the Bible from the University of Northwestern in St. Paul — and taking three years off to sell insurance — he  completed a four-year program at the Bethlehem Seminary in Minneapolis.

Zuleger is now the new pastor of preaching at Sojourners Church in Albert Lea. He and his wife, Kelly, and their two children moved to the city in mid-February.

Sojourners Church, an evangelical, nondenominational church, started 3 1/2 years ago.

“It was birthed by just a few families wanting to take God’s word really seriously,” said Zuleger, who is originally from Wisconsin.

Starting in various places around town, the church moved into the Skyline Plaza about two years ago in September. It averages about 100 members in attendance on any given Sunday.

Zuleger said the church is Bible-driven and is led by a group of elders.

“We make all the decisions together,” he said. “I don’t make all the decisions just myself.

“We’re most concerned about God getting the glory. The way we try to do that is by keeping Jesus front and center and by sticking to the Bible as close as we can.”

This was one of the characteristics that attracted him to the church, he said.

“I love what God is doing here,” he said.

The new pastor said religion has always played a part in his life. He said his parents like to tell the story of when he was a young boy and could be found on a rock preaching to the animals.

“It seems like I always had that in my heart,” he said.

His father-in-law is also a pastor.

To contact Zuleger at the church, call 552-1595 or email The church can be found online at

The church meets on Sundays for Sunday school and a worship service and on Wednesdays for Bible study and a youth group.